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Overview of Microsoft Dynamics GP

upMicrosoft Dynamics GP is one of the business tools developed by Microsoft which can be used in the optimization of your workflow in a business organization. There are basically four enterprise resource planning software developed by Microsoft for business organizations, these include Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics SL. As said earlier, each of these has their own applications, merits and demerits. However, a careful overview of the Microsoft Dynamics GP will essentially open up to you want this software app can be used for.

Just like Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SL, Microsoft Dynamics GP can be applied in mid-size and small scale business organizations. It is useful in such an organization for ensuring productivity and handling various aspects of the organization such as finances, sales and so on. Dynamics GP was originally developed by the Great Plains Software, however in April 2001, Microsoft purchased the company at the price of $1.1 billion. Great Plains now is a property of Microsoft Corporation and therefore it rebranded the products in lots of amazing ways. The formally known Great Plains is now known as Microsoft Dynamics GP. The Great Plains was designed or developed in a programming language known as Dexterity and involves various amazing perks.

Microsoft Dynamics GP primarily uses the SQL server database tool. However, the older versions also make use of other database tools such as C-tree, Btrieve and Pervasive PSQL. It now uses various versions of the Microsoft SQL Server which could be the version 2005, 2008 or 2012 in the storing of data.

This tool has lots of similarities to Microsoft Dynamics NAV but the both are not the same. It should be known that the two are not twins they have similarities of course but also have differences. To understand Microsoft Dynamics GP better, it will be important to look at the differences between it and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

One of the most striking differences between the two enterprise resource software tools is that Dynamics NAV is customizable but Dynamics GP is not easily customizable. Let’s buttress the point in order for you to understand it clearly.

Dynamics NAV is a very customizable tool. It is therefore the best when you want to build the exact functionality you need around your target market and also require your system to adapt to the changes which will take place when your business grows. Microsoft Dynamics GP on the other hand is not customizable. However, this tool gives easy implementation and lots of add-ons can be applied to it to ensure efficiency.

It is important to examine your target before choosing a tool for the customization of your business. The tool you choose should be determined by what you need to achieve in your business.  Thus, if you really want a system that will adapt excellently with your business as it grows, then your best option is Dynamics NAV. Moreover, if what you need is a system that will involve easy implementation and additional feature, then Microsoft Dynamics GP is the best for you.

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